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Plywood in Vijaywada

Plywood in Vijaywada

Located on the banks of Krishna River, Vijayawada is a part of Andhra Pradesh’s Capital Region and is one of the most important business centers. And that's the reason why Vijayawada is also called the business capital of Andhra Pradesh apart from being the third largest city in the state.

The topography of the city is remarkable. The Northern, Northwestern, and Southwestern part of the city is marked by small and medium sized hills while the Central, Southwestern and some areas of the North-western parts of the city has rich and fertile land. This land is used for agricultural purpose. The hills of Vijayawada are a part of the Eastern Ghats chain. The geography of the region is dominated by the mighty Krishna River.

Apart from its topography, another striking feature of Vijayawada is its climate. Vijayawada has a tropical climate with extremely hot summers. The temperature during the summers can rise to 46 degrees Celsius. Compared to other parts of the country, winters in Vijayawada are hot. The temperature during the winters barely falls below 15 degrees Celsius. The average humidity of this city is 78% and the rainy season arrives in Vijayawada with the south-west and north-east monsoons.

Building construction patterns in the urban areas in Vijayawada follow a modern construction pattern. In the urban and the rural areas in Vijayawada- concrete, mud bricks, and tiles are some of the widely used construction materials. Wood and Plywood have always been integral to construction and the interior decor of houses in the city. As they add a rustic touch to the interior decor of the home and is pretty flexible to use.

Top plywood manufacturer in Vijayawada

Greenply is one of the top plywood manufacturers in India and the rest of the country. Greenply manufactures premium grade plywood that is suitable for any type of climatic condition. Greenply Plywood is not only strong and durable but can be easily reused. This ensures less wastage and is cost-effective. Greenply Plywood is water-resistant and is both termite and borer proof. And due to these reasons, Greenply Plywood has a huge demand across various parts of Vijayawada.

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