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Plywood in Surat

Plywood in Surat

A former princely state of Gujarat, Surat is the third cleanest city in India (as of 2010) as declared by the Indian Ministry of Urban Development.  This city is famous for textile, food, and diamonds. About 90% of the world’s total rough diamonds are polished in Surat.

It is a port city located on the banks of River Tapi and is a major hub for diamond cutting and polishing. It is the largest diamond hub all across the globe. Apart from that, Surat is also famous for producing finest quality textile, especially silk. It is also dubbed as the silk city of India. Moreover, Surat is famed for its Zari craft and its cotton mills. The city produces about 9 million metres of fabric every year and is the largest manufacturer of clothes in the country.

Surat has a tropical Savannah climate that comes under the Köppen climate classification. Summers generally begins in March and continues through June. April and May are the hottest months in summer, and the temperature can go as high as 37 degree Celsius. Monsoons usually arrive during late June. Surat receives an annual rainfall of 1,200 millimetres. Winters are pleasant and the average temperature during this time is around 23 degree Celsius.

House construction patterns in Surat follow and urban construction pattern that you will find in most of the cities in India. The construction materials that are widely used include bricks, tiles, and concrete. Timber and Plywood have also evolved as important features of modern architecture. Using plywood or wood gives an industrial look to the house. T is primarily used to create the design aspects of the urban houses. The climate of Surat is typically dry, and plywood is suited best for this type of climate. It is flexible to use and adds a rustic touch to the house.

Greenply is one of the top plywood manufacturers in Surat. The plywood manufactured by the company can easily accommodate the dry climatic condition of the city. Plywood by Greenply is not only sturdy and durable, but you can also reuse them. This ensures less wastage and thus, helps in saving cost. The plywood from Greenply does not have any variation in its thickness. Greenply Plywood is termite and borer proof. And for these reasons, Greenply Plywood has a huge demand in Surat.

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