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Plywood manufacturers in Ranchi

Plywood manufacturers in Ranchi

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand, a state that was formed in November 2000. Ranchi is the most populous city in the state and has been selected to be developed as a Smart City under the flagship mission of the Government of India, “Smart Cities Mission.”

The District of Ranchi is divided into three sub-divisions. These are Ranchi, Khunti, and Bundu. These three sub-divisions are further divided into villages, panchayats, and blocks.

Located in the southern part of the Chhota Nagpur Plateau, Ranchi’s topography mainly consists of hilly terrains and dense tropical vegetation. This unique combination gives it a relatively moderate climate than the rest of the state. And for this reason, Ranchi was once popular as the summer capital of Bihar. The city is well connected to other metro cities and rest of the country through the air, rail, and road.


Located at a height of about 2140 feet above the sea level, the climate of Ranchi is humid subtropical. During summers, the temperature ranges between 20 and 42°C. During winters, it can get as low as 0°C. December and January are the coolest months in Ranchi.


Similar to other urban cities in India, Ranchi also boasts urban housing and residential projects. From luxury apartments to society flats, the housing infrastructure has improved a lot in the past few decades. Houses now flaunt modern design elements and features modern architecture.

Plywood is one essential component that is incorporated widely in modern housing projects. From doors to furniture, plywood finds a variety of use in today’s houses. Compared to timber, plywood is eco-friendly and is flexible to use. Since the climate of Ranchi is comparatively pleasant, plywood is best-suited for this type of climate. It is extremely flexible and is primarily used to add a rustic touch to the house.

Popular plywood brand in Ranchi

Greenply is one of the most preferred plywood brands in Ranchi. The plywood manufactured by Greenply can easily adapt to the humid-sub tropical climatic condition of the city. Plywood manufactured by Greenply is not only durable and sturdy but can be also reused easily. This makes sure that there is less wastage which, in turn, helps in saving cost. The plywood by Greenply does not have any variation in its thickness. Greenply Plywood is termite and borer proof. And for all these reasons, Greenply Plywood is in great demand in Ranchi.

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