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Plywood in Orissa

Plywood in Orissa

Orissa (now known as Odisha) is located in the Eastern coast of the Indian Subcontinent. Surrounded by the states such as West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, Orissa boasts a coastline of about 485 kilometers along the Bay of Bengal. Orissa has a rich history of about 5,000 years. In ancient times, Orissa was famous as the Kingdom of Kalinga. Thereafter, it witnessed numerous wars and was ruled by a number of rulers such as Ashoka, the Guptas, Bhauma-Kara, and the Soma dynasties.

Orissa is a land of vivid geographical attributes. It has rich and fertile coastal plains in the Eastern part of the state. It also comprises of mountains and highlands, central plateaus, flood plains. It has a subtropical climate and thus, witnesses hot and humid summers, pouring monsoons, and cold and pleasant winters. The seas and the mountainous terrains of the Eastern Ghats in Orissa play a major role in shaping the climate of the region. While the coastal region enjoys a very pleasant weather, the Eastern Ghats enjoy a comparatively cooler weather. About 37.34% of the state is covered in forest. The forests are mostly concentrated in the Western and Southern part of the state. The coastal plains are mainly covered by farmlands.

House construction in Orissa depends mostly on the climatic condition and geography of the land. Since Orissa is prone to natural calamities such as Cyclone, the houses in the coastal region are semi-pucca or kutcha houses with thatched or tiled roof. The villages also follow a similar pattern of housing. In the rural and coastal region, construction materials mostly include bamboo, plywood, burnt red bricks, and fly-ash bricks, to name a few. In the cities, the houses are mostly constructed using concrete bricks, cement, and tiles. However, modern architecture in the cities is also considering plywood as a modern construction material. Plywood in India that is manufactured by Greenply can suit a wide range of climatic condition. These are manufactured following all safety regulation and meet all European standards. Compared to the other commercially available plywood, Greenply plywood is heavy and sturdy. It doesn’t have any thickness variation and has lesser gaps and overlaps. Not only that, Greenply plywood have a defect-free surface and it guarantees lifetime performance. This plywood is reusable and is borer and termite proof, thus, ensures the longevity of the structure. This is the reason that makes Greenply best plywood brand india.


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