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Plywood in Mumbai

Plywood in Mumbai

Mumbai (previously known as Bombay) is the financial hub of the country. Apart from being the capital city of Maharashtra, it’s also the entertainment capital of India. Mumbai constitutes seven islands. These islands were home to the fishing community of the city. For many centuries, these islands were under the control of various indigenous empires before these were surrendered to the Portuguese and then to the British East India Company.

In the mid-18th century, the then Bombay was completely reshaped by the Hornby Vellard project. This project carried out land reclamation in the area between the seven islands from the sea. Along with that, major railways and roads were also constructed. The project completed in 1845, completely transformed Bombay into a major port city on the Arabian Sea. In the 19th century, Bombay was known as a hub for major economic and educational development. In the early 1900s, it became a base for the Independence movement in India.

The city is also a home to the country’s entertainment industry (the Bollywood and the Marathi film and television industry). Mumbai has grown into a city with business opportunities. Also, it offers a higher standard of living. And as such it attracts migrants from all over the country, thus making the city a melting pot of various cultures and communities.

Mumbai has a tropical climate. Its climate is constituted tropical wet and dry climate and comes under the Köppen climate classification. The city has seven months of dryness. July is the month when it rains heavily. Winters mark December to January, and it is followed by the summers from March to June. From June to the end of September, it’s the season of the south-west monsoon. During this time, rains lash the city. Mumbai receives pre-monsoon showers from May. October and November form the post-monsoon season. During these months, the city often gets showers from the north-east monsoon.

The quality of living is pretty high in Mumbai. Multi-storey apartments and high-rise dominate the urban landscape. You will find various ranges of housing types in Mumbai. And plywood is one of the most important components regarding design. And when it comes to plywood manufacturers in Mumbai, Greenply is one of the leading names. Use plywood for enhancing the design aspects of your home. There are plenty of plywood suppliers in Mumbai from where you can buy Greenply Plywood.


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