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Plywood in Kolkata

Plywood in Kolkata

Famously known as the City of Joy, Kolkata was the erstwhile capital of the British India. And it was during that time that the popularity of the city reached its peak. Located on the banks of the Hooghly River, it is famous as a commercial and cultural hub of the eastern India and is among the four important metro cities of India.

Kolkata boasts a tropical wet and dry climatic zone which means it experiences longer dry seasons and comparatively short wet seasons. Summers are very hot and humid while winters barely last for two and a half months. During winters, the weather is usually pleasant and comfortable. It receives a moderate range of rainfall. Monsoons influence the seasons in this region. Rains are usually brought by the Bay of Bengal branch of the South-West Monsoon.

Since Kolkata has a tropical wet and dry climatic zone, the houses in this city are built in accordance with the weather conditions. Construction materials such as concrete bricks, tiles, sun dried clay bricks, and plywood are popularly used here. The skyline of Kolkata is dominated by high-rise buildings and multi-storeyed apartments with fancy design and decor trends that comply with modern aesthetics. The cityscape is changing at a rapid pace and is dominated by multi-storey blocks of houses and flats. Since the dry seasons are longer than the wet ones, Plywood in West Bengal is one of the major construction materials which is been predominantly used in building construction. However, to protect the houses during the wet spells, it is essential to use good quality marine grade plywood. In this regard, Greenply is one of the topmost plywood manufacturers in West Bengal that supplies best quality marine grade and water-resistant plywood throughout the city.

The plywood manufactured by Greenply has lesser gaps and overlaps and as a result, these are considered strongest and durable when compared to other commercially available plywood in Kolkata. Apart from that, these are converter friendly and are termite and borer proof, thus, ensure the longevity of the structure. This is the reason why Greenply is one among the top plywood brands in India.


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