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Plywood in Kochi

Plywood in Kochi

Also known a Cochin,Kochi is located in the Ernakulam district of Kerala. It is a key port city on the south-west coast. It’s a part of the Greater Cochin region and is classified as a Tier-II city.

The city has an interesting history. In the 14th century, Kochi was a major spice trading centre on the western coast and was famous as the Queen of the Arabian Sea. The Arab merchants from the pre-Islamic era use this trading point frequently. In 1503, Kochi was occupied by the Portuguese and became the first European colony. Till 1530, Kochi remained a key seat of the Portuguese. Later, Kochi was occupied by the Dutch and then, the British. And with that, Kochi became the Kingdom of Cochin, a princely state in Colonial India. Kochi has an expansive coastline stretching about 48 kilometres. The Laccadive Sea lies to its west.

Kochi has a tropical monsoon climate and does not has any harsh extremities. Since the city falls close to the equator and is a coastal city, you may find a seasonal temperature variation. The annual temperature ranges between 23 to 31 degree Celsius with moderate to high level of humidity. Monsoons are marked by heavy rainfall as the city falls on the windward side of the Western Ghats. Much of the city lies at the sea level and has a wide network of backwaters. These networks were declared as  National Waterways by the Indian government. The city is located at the sea mouth of seven rivers that emerge from the Western Ghats and travel through the city before draining into the Arabian Sea.

From modern apartments to residential villas, Kochi boasts a varied architectural style. The housing style is urban. However, since Kochi has a hot and humid weather, most of the houses have large rooms with high ceilings. Wood and plywood are one of the frequently used construction material for house building in Kochi. Plywood is a highly versatile and widely preferred construction material in the country. You will easily find plywood dealers in Kochi. Plywood is preferred over wood as it’s much stable and can be easily incorporated into the interior decor of your home. Greenply is one among the top 10 plywood companies in India and offers a wide range of plywood that fit the needs of every home. Plywood from Greenply is termite and borer-proof and is water resistant. This makes it perfect plywood to suit the climatic condition of Kochi.

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