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Plywood in Jaipur

Plywood in Jaipur

The capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur was founded by Maharaja Jai Singh II in 1727. Also known as the Pink City of India, Jaipur is the 10th most populous city in the country and is a popular tourist destination.

This city was planned by Vidyadhar Bhattacharya as per the principles of Vaastu Shastra. Maharaja Jai Singh II consulted various books of architecture and several architects. It took almost four years to complete the city. It was under the rule of Sawai Ram Singh that Jaipur was painted in pink in 1876 to welcome Edward VII, the King of the United Kingdom and the Emperor of India (1901-1910).

Location and Climate

Located in the Eastern part of Rajasthan, Jaipur is surrounded on three sides by the Aravalli range. The city has a semi-arid climate and summers are extremely hot. May and June are the hottest months and temperature may reach up to 40 to 45°C.

Monsoons are characterised by heavy rains, thunderstorms. During winter, the temperature is mild and pleasant. The average temperature during this time ranges from 10 to 15 °C. Cold waves may take the temperature near to freezing point. December and January are the coldest months in the city.

Development and Urbanization

Jaipur is famous for its architecture and is a blend of old and new architectural styles. While one part of the skyline is dominated by traditional houses that were mostly built during the colonial period; many parts of the city now boast modern urban housing.

Modern housing in Jaipur mainly comprises of independent houses, multi-storeyed buildings, and modern villas. These houses have fancy design and decor and therefore integrate a lot of timber and plywood work.

Plywood is one of the major construction materials which are predominantly used for decor purpose. Good quality plywood is important for ensuring the longevity of the design. In this regard, Greenply is one of the leading plywood manufacturers in Jaipur that supplies best quality plywood throughout the city.

Plywood manufactured by Greenply has lesser gaps and overlaps. This makes them extremely strong and durable compared to other commercially available plywood. Greenply plywood is converter friendly and is termite and borer proof. This ensures the longevity of the woodwork.

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