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Plywood in Hubli

Plywood in Hubli

Hubli, or also known as Hubballi, is the Karnataka’s second largest city. It is mainly an extended city in the Northern part of the state and forms a continuous urban area with Dharwad. After Bangalore, Hubli-Dharwad is the largest extended urban area in Karnataka.

In Kannada, the name Hubballi means Flowering Creepers. Dharwad is the administrative headquarter while Hubli has evolved as a commercial and business hub in north Karnataka. Outside Bangalore, Hubli is the city that houses the most government offices.


Located at the edge of the Western Ghats, Hubli is a hilly town. Hubli-Dharwad has a tropical savanna climate. Summer in Hubli is extremely dry and hot. However, it is pretty pleasant during the rest of the year. Summers usually last from February to early June and is followed by Monsoon. Hubli receives a fair amount of precipitation and the temperature remains moderate during this time.


In 2016, Hubli-Dharwad was selected for solar city master plan and recently, it has been selected to be developed as a Smart City by the Government of India. Being the commercial hub of the state, Hubli is home to over lakhs of small and medium industries. The central government has set up the Aryabhata tech park in Hubli.

Due to the fast infrastructural development, the housing infrastructure of the city has improved to a great extent. From independent houses to luxury apartments, you can see some really good examples of modern architecture in Hubli. Houses in the urban areas in Hubli employ modern design ideas, reflecting unmatched strength.

Plywood is a widely used construction material. When it comes to decor, plywood offers oodles of style that matches with the urban living standards in the city. And when it comes to plywood companies preferred in Hubli, Greenply is among the best plywood manufacturers in the city. Plywood by Greenply is manufactured adhering to strict quality control measures. Grenply plywood is strong and durable, and has a uniform thickness. Products by Greenply are well known for their innovative design that lets you create a beautiful home of your dreams.

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