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Plywood in Howrah

Plywood in Howrah

Located on the western bank of the River Hooghly,  Howrah district in West Bengal was the former Kingdom of the Bhurisrestha community. This place has a rich history that dates back to the 15th century. The city of Howrah was the erstwhile headquarter of the Bhurisrestha or the Bhurshut Kingdom and the district was later named after the city.

The entire district of Howrah is spread over an area of 1467 square kilometer. In its Eastern side, the district is bounded by the Hooghly River and the districts of North and South 24 Parganas. On the North, Howrah is bordered by the Hooghly district, East Midnapore on the South, and West Midnapore towards its Western side. Howrah Sadar and Uluberia are the two subdivisions of the district. It has one municipal corporation in Howrah and two municipalities in Uluberia and Bally. The rest of the Howrah district is divided into 14 community development blocks.

Howrah district has a tropical climate. Summers are extremely hot here. Monsoons usually arrive during the months of June and September. The weather during the Monsoons is temperate and the district experiences heavy showers. Although, the humidity levels remain high. Winters usually arrive by the month of November and linger till February. The weather at that time is pleasant. The minimum temperature can drop down to 9 degree Celsius while the maximum temperature remains around 11 degree Celsius.
In Howrah, the housing patterns differ from area to area. Widely used construction materials include tiles, mud, concrete bricks, timber and o on. Plywood is yet another construction material which is been widely used in modern architecture due to its rustic appeal. From houses and residential apartments to multi-storey buildings, plywood has become an integral part of the construction.

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