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Plywood in Haryana

Plywood in Haryana

Founded in 1966, the North Indian state of Haryana was carved out East Punjab. It has an area of 17,070 square miles; it is one of the wealthiest states in India. Chandigarh is the capital of Haryana while Gurgaon is the financial hub of the NCR region. It is considered one of the most economically developed regions in South Asia. Haryana is bordered by Himachal Pradesh and Punjab to its North and Rajasthan by it west and south. The state also shares its border with the capital city Delhi.

This is a landlocked state having a varied topography that ranges from plains to hills. A major part of Haryana constitutes plains. The Aravalli Range, a vast stretch of rocky hills, starts its westward journey from Haryana. The major river that passes through this state includes Yamuna, Ghaggar, Markanda and Tangri. The Markanda River is more like a seasonal stream. Haryana has an intricate network of canals running through the state that provides the water necessary for agriculture, one of the prime contributors to the economy of the state. The four main geographical features of this state include the Yamuna-Ghaggar plains which constitute the largest part of the state, the Semi-Desert plains in the south-western part of the state; the Shivalik Hills to its Northeast and the Aravalli Range in the south of the state.

The climate of Haryana is semi-arid and extremely hot and humid. In summers, the temperature jumps as high as 45 degree Celsius. May and June are the hottest months during summers. Winter is comparatively mild. The state receives an average rainfall of 354.5 mm.

The housing style in Haryana is extremely urban. Be it multi-storey apartments or housing complexes and bungalows; you will see a wide range of modern houses throughout the state. The construction materials that are widely used for home construction includes bricks, concrete, tiles, and plywood. The climate in Haryana is semi-arid, and Plywood is best suited for this type of climatic condition. In recent times, plywood has emerged as highly versatile and widely preferred construction material in India. Moreover, the Haryana Plywood Industry has also flourished in recent times. This is mainly because plywood is more stable than regular wood and can be easily incorporated into the interior decor of your home. Greenply- one of the leading plywood manufacturers in Haryana, offers a wide range of plywood that fit the needs of every home. Plywood from Greenply is not only water-resistant but are also termite and borer proof.

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