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Plywood in Bangalore

Plywood in Bangalore

Bangalore is often dubbed as the Silicon Valley of India or the IT Capital of India. It’s the capital of Karnataka and boasts a population of approximately 8.52 million people. This makes it the third most populous city in India.

The city has been ruled by a number of dynasties and boasts a rich history. Until 1537, many South Indian dynasties such as the Cholas, Western Gangas, and the Hoysalas ruled Bangalore.

Kempe Gowda who ruled Bangalore under the Vijayanagara Empire established a mud fort. This fort is considered to be the foundation of the modern city. The city was conquered in 1638 by the Marathas who ruled it for almost 50 years. Afterward, it was captured by Mughals and then sold it to the Mysore Kingdom of the Wadiyar dynasty. Later on, Bangalore was again seized by the British who then returned its administrative control to the Maharaja of Mysore.

After independence, Bangalore was declared the capital of Mysore State. It remained its capital until 1956. That year, the new state of Karnataka was formed, and Bangalore became its capital.

The geography of Bangalore is flat; however, the western parts of the city are hilly. No major rivers are running through the city. Bangalore enjoys a tropical savannah climate and comes under the Köppen climate classification. It has distinct dry and wet seasons. Since it has a high elevation, Bangalore enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year. However, during summers, occasional heat waves can make the temperature pretty uncomfortable. In Bangalore, the coolest month is January. During that month, the average low temperature remains around 15.1 degree Celsius. On the other hand, April is the hottest month. The average high temperature in April remains around 35 degree Celsius.

Being the IT hub of India, Bangalore boasts a modern urban landscape. The city is adorned with modern houses, buildings. Plywood is one of the main components of home building and home decor. It comes with plenty of styles that match the style standards of urban living. When it comes to Plywood in Bangalore, plywood by Greenply – one of the best plywood manufacturers in Bangalore, are considered the best. Plywood manufactured by Greenply is durable and strong. It doesn’t have thickness variation. The company is well known for manufacturing products with an innovative design allowing you to design and build a beautiful home of your dreams.


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