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West Bengal

Plywood in West Bengal

Located in the Eastern Part of the country, West Bengal is known as the land of cultures. Being a land of culture, West Bengal was among one of the important hotspots of the Indian independence movement. West Bengal was carved out of the erstwhile Bengal; the other part being East Pakistan which later became Bangladesh.

The geography of West Bengal comprises of the Eastern Himalayas in the North, the Terai region transitioning into the Ganges delta. In between, the landscape comprises of the western plateau and the highlands as well. And due to such geographical variation, the climate of West Bengal varies from tropical savanna to a sub-tropical humid condition. The four main seasons of West Bengal include summer, Rainy season, a very short autumn and a brief winter. Summers are very hot and humid while during the rainy season, the state receives high to moderate rainfall. Winters are mostly pleasant in the Gangetic delta but winters can be harsh in the hilly regions. The delta region has a humid weather while the Northern region boasts a cooler weather. Depending on the climatic condition, the house construction patterns also differ from region to region. In cities and rural areas, houses are mainly constructed using concrete bricks, tiles, mud, and so on. Wood or Plywood in Kolkata is primarily used to construct houses in the Northern region. However, modern architecture in the cities also boasts a wide use of plywood due to its rustic appeal.

In this regard, Greenply is one of the top plywood manufacturers in West Bengal. The plywood manufactured by Greenply is perfectly suited to accommodate the wide range of climatic condition in West Bengal. These are not only strong and durable but are also reusable. There are no thickness variations in plywood manufactured by Greenply and it also ensures dimensional stability. Moreover, these are termite and borer proof. And for this reason, Greenply plywood has been an architect’s delight from ages.