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Plywood in India

A kaleidoscope of various cultures, India is one of the most diverse places on the earth. It is the largest democracy in the world and is a flourishing ground for many ancient civilizations such as the Harappan and Indus Valley Civilization.

India is not only famous for its rich cultural heritage but, it also boasts a different climatic pattern. From tropical temperatures in the South to the alpine weather in the Himalayas, the climate of India is widely divided into four parts namely Humid, Dry, Sub-tropical, and the mountain climate. The deserts experience a dry climate while the north and north-eastern parts of India witness a sub-tropical weather marked by hot summers and chilly winters, the Himalayan belt experience a tropical to extremely cold climate while the coastal areas and the Western ghats experience a moderate to high temperature.

The climatic difference in India influences the orientation and house structures. Depending on the climatic conditions, different places in India have their own tradition of building construction. For instance, in the Himalayan, extensive use of wood or plywood can be seen. Plywood in India is one of widely used construction materials. And in this regard, Greenply is amongst the top plywood brands in india. Apart from plywood, the most predominant materials that are used for house construction include stone, bricks, tiles or sun-dried clay blocks. Even the architecture of the houses depends on the climatic zone. For instance, houses in areas with heavy rainfall have sloping roofs while in the eastern and the other dry parts of the country, the roofs are constructed flat.

Plywood has an enormous market and utility in the India climatic condition. And Greenply is considered one of the premium plywood manufacturers in India. Greenply plywood is strong, durable and completely safe. Not only that, they can withstand all the vagaries of weather. And that is why Greenply is among the most trusted brands in India.

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