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One Step Towards Sustainability

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”- Steve Jobs

Since its inception, Greenply has been leading by example, setting goals for sustainable development and achieving them. This has set us apart from others. We have been continuously striving to make the best use of the available resources. And our quest for sustainability has led us to explore new and innovative options.

Greenply’s Manufacturing Unit at Gabon

Greenply has recently set up a manufacturing unit in Gabon, located on the West Coast of Africa, and has acquired 10 hectares of land there. Gabon is home to timber-producing Okoume trees which are considered as one of the best timbers for producing high-quality plywood. These trees are opulently distributed throughout Gabon.

The constant cutting of Gurjan trees (widely used for manufacturing plywood) has created an ecological imbalance. And to restore that, Greenply has taken this step to start manufacturing plywood using Okoume timber (a viable substitute for Gurjan). We have already started manufacturing Okoume-faced veneers at our manufacturing unit in Gabon. 

Why is Okoume a viable substitute for Gurjan?

Okoume is a better option than Gurjan because - 

  • This is a high-quality natural timber and has lower density

  • Compared to Gurjan, the water-resistance of Okoume is much higher

  • Oil marks do not appear on Okoume timber. As such, keeping inventory isn’t an issue

  • Okoume timber has a better veneer structure and is accepted worldwide as a superior quality face veneer

  • It’s easy to peel and gives good quality veneer even at a thickness of 0.25 mm

  • Gabon has an abundance of Okoume trees

  • It has a nice colour and the quality of products made from this timber is at par with products made using Gurjan timber.

We believe that there is always a better way to do things. All you need to do is just finding that way. With over three decades of experience in manufacturing and selling plywood and related products, we have always worked relentlessly towards providing our customers with a better experience. Along with that we are also committed to taking initiatives towards sustainability and continuing to spearhead positive changes in the industry.