Why Green Flexiply Can Help You Build Furniture That Look Unique

Do you want to build decorative wall hangings or a chair with a curved top surface? Have you wondered whether plywood would be flexible enough to hold the shape you want? Well, perhaps it can do that, depending on the type of plywood you choose, of course. The flexibility of plywood depends on a number of factors, from its thickness to the quality of wood used in it. Softwood ply, for instance, may be a lot more flexible than ply made from hardwoods. There are exceptions, of course. Be sure to choose the ply according to your requirements and everything will work out well.

Green Flexiply can be a good option for you

If you are looking for furniture or wall art with flexible structure, consider using our Green Flexiply as the base material. Thin, flexible but highly durable, Flexiply makes it easy for your carpenter to quickly put together furniture and wall art according to your choice, in interesting shapes. Want an arch over your daughter’s custom made plywood dollhouse? Go ahead. Want a chair with a downward curve? Simply ask your carpenter to build it for you. In order to enhance the looks, you can apply a layer of veneer over the ply. Browse our range to find decorative veneers of pretty much any shade or design, to suit the decor of your home.

Green Flexiply is easy to care for

The Flexiply is boiling water proof, borer proof and termite proof. As such, it should last for years to come and offer you excellent value for money. What’s more – the ply is easy to clean. Just give it a good wipe with a moist cloth and it will look good as new. However, you need to keep it away from strong sunlight, as that can cause discolouration in the ply.

So go ahead, get unique-looking furniture made right at your home with Flexiply. Hire an experienced carpenter and pick up as much Flexiply as you need, right from our online store. As one of the largest plywood company in India, we guarantee you will get excellent value for your money, as long as you take a little care of your furniture.

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