Tips to Rethink Workplace Design For Millennials

Functional, adaptive, flexible – today’s’ workplaces hardly resemble offices from the past. And why not? Modern workplaces are driven by millennials for whom, the workplace design and décor aren’t just about aesthetics but also about an environment that helps them ideate, collaborate, and innovate. And if you are still stuck in the old “cubicle” format, it’s time to change, it’s time to rethink the decor.

Here’s a rundown on some of the ways to redesign your office to attract the millennials:

1. Nature-inspired design:-

Millennials love the work-life balance and are strongly attracted to a healthy lifestyle. And the nature-inspired decor is the right way to create a green environment. Plywood tables are excellent options for modern workplaces. These are not only stylish but are extremely versatile. Plywood floating shelves in different abstract shapes look sleek and chic.

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2. Let Natural Light Flood the Office:-

Millennials spend most of their time inside the office, ensuring quality work and meeting project deadlines. However, this limits their exposure to natural light and air which are important for uplifting mood and boosting creativity. Office designs that have glass lines allow plenty of sunlight and offer expansive views.

3. Decor that inspires collaboration:-

Millennials love to collaborate and are always looking for networking opportunities. You can provide them with this opportunity through an innovative office decor. Keep plenty of spaces where they can take a break and collaborate. A corner with couches and low-lying plywood coffee table or a lounge with bench-style seating arrangement, small chairs, etc. will help them sit with their team members for brainstorming and networking sessions.

4. Focus on kitchen décor:-

Well-designed kitchens facilitate social interactions. With different food and drinking options, ergonomic office kitchens have become the space where people start breaking down the barriers. You can also colour code the kitchen items to create a fun yet organized look.

5. Separate areas:-

While an open layout will give the millennials the chance to collaborate, but at the same time, you need to keep rooms for meetings and breaks. Lounges, break rooms, and meeting rooms designed to give them a bit of privacy for all their important calls and meetings are a must.

6. Introduce Terrariums:-

Believe it or not but terrariums are great accent pieces. And in the past few years, keeping terrariums in modern offices is an upward trend. Terrarium plants including ferns and air plants inside glass bowls are simply fascinating.

We hope you enjoyed these décor tips. If you want to add more to the list, drop us a comment.