The Myth About Expensive Branded Plywood, And Why It Makes No Sense

Is plywood an expensive choice for wooden components in your home? Simply put, yes, compared to other crudely manufactured materials, plywood can indeed be a bit expensive. However, it makes up for the extra initial costs by offering longevity, paying back several times the initial investments. The trick here is to use the right kind of plywood for the right kind of construction. There are two major types for you to choose from here – one is the MR grade plywood and the other the marine grade plywood. Let’s see where you can use these types.

MR grade plywood

If you are simply going to build a bookshelf or a table to use indoors, then MR grade plywood, often referred to as commercial ply, will work just fine. After all, it will not need to withstand high amounts of moisture or exposure to the elements. The problem occurs when some carpenters advise you to go for marine grade plywood for interior construction. It is simply not necessary. What’s more – Greenply’s MR grade plywood does not cost too much more than regular wood planks you get to buy at lumber yards, either. Pick up these plywood sheets to make the wooden components in your home last for a long time to come without stretching your budget way beyond the comfort zone.

Water-proof plywood

This type of plywood is needed for exterior construction work. If you want to build the roof for an outhouse in your backyard, wooden railings for a balcony or an exterior staircase, or even a wooden gate, then marine grade water-proof plywood is the best choice for you. Do not use MR grade plywood here; it will sustain heavy damage from constant exposure to elements.

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