Storage Solutions For a Tiny Space

Wondering how to keep small spaces uncluttered? Well, the answer lies in creative storage solution. Over here we’ve discussed 5 incredibly easy and creative storage solutions.

1. Open Storage Shelves

Cabinets take a lot of space. If you’re living in a small room then install wooden shelves on walls. You can use these shelves to keep books, toys, and small household items. This will keep the floors clutter free. Also, you can install vertical dividers in your kitchen. This will make your kitchen look neat and organized. You can use Green Gold Plywood for the shelves. These are termite and water-proof and comes with 8 years of warranty.

2. Dual-purpose Furniture

Get furniture items that serve 2 purposes. For instance, if you are buying a nightstand, then check whether it also has a built-in drawer or not.

3. Use Walls as Storage space

Wall hangers can provide easy solution to storage problems. Place wall hangers in bedroom and kitchen. You can use these hangers for hanging clothes, kitchen utensils (such as cups, frying pans), clothes, boots and other items.

4. Built-in Cupboards and Bed

It’s a great storage solution for tiny spaces. You can store household items in the cupboards and enjoy a de-cluttered look. Use our Green Gold Plywood or Green Ready Lines Plywood for the cupboards. These are one of most suitable plywood for cupboards among others.

5. Use Baskets and Boxes

Wooden baskets can serve dual purpose as a decorative item plus as an innovative storage solution. Baskets have ample storage space for smaller household items. You can use them to store fruits, vegetables or small utensils in kitchen. You can also use them in your bedroom to store jewelry and books. Also, baskets filled with flowers look great when placed on the top of cabinets and cupboards.

6. Standing Wall Units

Install freestanding wall units. This is the best way to optimize your space. You can double it up as your work-space and as a storage option.

7. Plastic Storage Bins

With clear plastic storage bins, you can easily identify the contents inside. Also, you can use stackable bins for storing the kitchen items or other valuables.

With these simple and creative tricks, you can easily organize and de-clutter tiny spaces. If you are planning to install wooden shelves in your home, then try our Green Gold Plywood. This plywood is an architect’s delight and guarantee superior performance.

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