Remodeling Your Kitchen: Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Remodeling a kitchen needs attention and planning. There are a number of factors to consider before you start working, your investment should not go wasted and it should improve the longevity of your kitchen. Here is a list of a few mistakes to avoid when remodeling your kitchen:

1. Compromising on Quality

First things first – use right materials for remodeling. For instance, furniture items kept in fire-prone areas use fire-retardant plywood. Check out our Green Defender plywood for your kitchen furniture needs such as kitchen cabinets, shelves, counters and dining tables. This plywood is specially designed for fire-sensitive areas. It is also borer and termite proof. For more details visit

2. Didn’t Think About Storage

Install plenty of chic cabinets and drawers. Small pull-on drawers are ideal for storing kitchenware. They not only amp up the style quotient of your kitchen but also keep your kitchen clutter-free.

3. Not Thinking About The Unexpected Costs

Problems arise when you start using the kitchen. It’s when you find unexpected leaks, loose door knobs, broken latches and sagging shelves. These repairs will ultimately stretch your budget. Keep aside 10 to 15% extra than the budget estimate you get from your contractor.

4. Select the wrong Contractor

It is essential to hire the right contractor to ensure the quality of work. When hiring one, ask for references. Call those people and check whether they were satisfied with the quality of work or not. You can even ask for references from your friends and family.

5. Not Consulting a Designer

A designer knows how to highlight the best feature of your kitchen. Consulting a designer will help you create an aesthetically appealing kitchen that’s also functional.

6. Not Mentioning Detailed Specifications Beforehand

Clearly mention what you want before the remodeling begins. Mention the design details, the specifications such as choice of flooring, lighting, etc. Clearly mention the start and the finish dates. If you are not clear about the project beforehand, you might face unavoidable errors later.

You cannot afford to spend a fortune in covering up remodeling mistakes. We hope that these simple tips will help you avoid costly repairs after remodeling.

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