Office Decor Ideas That Will Rule in 2018

Your surroundings influence the way you feel. In a survey by CanvasPop, 77% professionals on LinkedIn said office art makes them feel happier, 74% said it acts as an inspiration for them, 73% said it makes them feel creative, and 27% said pleasing décor has a positive effect on their productivity.

With a few simple decor tricks, you can turn your office into a space that oozes energy. To help you create a workspace where people are surrounded with energy and creativity, we have created a list of office decor trends that will rule 2018:

1. Declutter
Your office decor says a lot about your company, which is why it should be organised and reflect an active business. Decluttering is the best way to turn the office space into a practical workspace.

Keep the entrance or the reception area of the office clean. Install plenty of organising space such as plywood cabinets and drawers in your office. Each work desk should have a set of drawers where the team members can keep their things and office supplies organised.

2. Colour is Important
Colours bring a fresh and energetic vibe to your office. 2018 will see a lot of neutrals and vibrant colours in the office space (depending on the nature of work of course).

Neutral colours work best for offices that deal with legal and banking services. On the other hand, warmer and vibrant hues work best for office spaces for artists and creators. Adding the company’s branding (the colours and logo) to the office decor will remain popular in 2018.

3. Wall Decor
Wall sculpture in metallic shades such as silver and gold will rule in 2018. Offices that are mostly in shades of brown and grey instantly light up with an attractive wall decor.

4.  Inspirational Quotes
What happens when your team feels dull and uninspired? Well, their productivity declines andit becomes tough for them to perform. Motivational quotes painted on the walls with different typography styles help the team stay feel inspired. Also, you can enlarge and frame inspirational photographs and prints, and hang them on the office wall.

Quotes 5. A Vision Board
A cork board that features the achievements of the team members and the daily to-dos in form of messages, posters, and photographs is extremely refreshing and inspiring.

6. Making the space lively with Greenery
Plants in office not only bringnature inside but also add freshness.

7. Getting Artsy
Bare walls are old-fashioned. Modern office spaces are more about getting creative. Visit the local gallery and pick creative artwork for the walls.

Add an Element of Creativity to your Office Decor with Plywood
The aesthetic appeal of plywood is undeniable. And that’s the reason why most of the office spaces are adding plywood to their decor.

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