How Veneer And Plywood Differ From One Another

Did you know that plywood and veneer are completely different products, albeit related? Indeed, even though both these products are made from wood, they are completely different products with different uses. You cannot use plywood to do the job of veneers and vice versa. Let’s see why.

Plywoods – Made of wood, but stronger and more economical

Plywoods are made by gluing layers of wood sheets together using strong, water resistant adhesive. The grains of two adjacent layers are kept at right angles to one another. This ensures there is no cross-graining and also makes the finished product strong and durable. Plywood has quite a few advantages over traditional wooden blocks, such as flexibility, workability and reusability. What’s more – plywoods can be locally manufactured and are hence less expensive than traditional wood. Due to the structure of a plywood sheet, it is also resistant to warping, shrinkage, splitting and twisting, which can often occur with regular wood.

Veneers – Thin, flexible, good looking and multi-purpose

Veneers are thin sheets of wood peeled from blocks of wood using a lathe or slicing machine. The veneers manufactured from the inner layers of a block of wood often exhibit interesting grains and can be used to create beautiful furniture or wall art. Multiple layers of veneer can also be glued together to create medium density fibreboard (MDF) or even plywood. Veneers made for the purpose of creating artworks, referred to as decorative veneers, are often stained or dyed in different shades. At times, they may also be treated with chemical solutions to make them resistant to moisture and fire, as well as dirt and dust.

Plywoods and veneers can both last for ages to come, provided some basic maintenance is performed on them from time to time. Both can offer pretty high returns over the initial investment, making the money invested in them worth every penny. The major concern here is to use the right material for the right task. That way, you can maximise the ROI and receive results that you can be proud of.

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