How to turn your bathroom into an oasis of peace?

After a hectic day, there’s nothing better than snuggling into a spa and recharge your mind and body. However, regular trips to a spa might burn a hole in your pocket. Over here we’ll discuss a couple of tips to turn your bathroom into your personal spa. Read on!  

1. Choose cool shades for your bathroom

Colours can greatly affect your mood. Dr, Edward Group, Founder of Global Healing Center, USA explains that blue colour de-stresses and rejuvenates human body and mind. You can paint your bathroom walls with cool shades of blue. This will calm your senses and and give your bathroom a serene and restful appeal.

2. Use Aromatherapy Products

Scents can rejuvenate your senses instantly. Keep aromatherapy products in your bathroom. Add a dose a sensuality with aromatherapy candles or essential oil diffusers.

3. Bathing Salts

Add bathing salts to water just before dipping yourself in the bathtub. For holding the bathing salts, you can keep wooden floating shelves. Use Marine Grade Plywood for bathroom shelves.

4. Get good quality bathroom linen

Get matching bathroom linen (towels etc.) and wrap yourself up in its cozy comfort. Also, you can add more comfort to your private zone by getting some matching bath mats and slippers.

5. Install dim lights

Adjusting the lighting in your bathroom is important. Install recessed ceiling lights with dimmer control. This will let you adjust the intensity of light according to your mood.

6.Use Glass partitions

Installing glass partitions in your shower space gives an elegant and stylish appeal to your bathroom decor. Also, it makes the space look much larger.

With these ideas you can turn your bathroom into an oasis of peace.  In case you’re looking for good waterproof plywood, check our products. You can use our Green Marine Grade plywood for paneling, partitions, cabinets, and shelves. For more information on our product, please visit

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