How to Safeguard Your Kitchen Against An Always Inquisitive Toddler

The kitchen can be a deathtrap to an unsupervised toddler, but with proper precautions, you can prevent accidents to a great extent. Here are a few pointers to help you maximise safety for your child in and around the kitchen, in case he does step in when you are not around.

Cutlery and cutting equipment should be securely locked up

This one ought to be obvious. All knives, forks, peelers, and any bladed equipment should be kept inside locked cabinets when they are not in use. Also, keep sharp objects like blades of food processors securely locked up, so that your child cannot open the packages and get injured.

Cleaning supplies should be kept out of your toddler’s reach

Cleaning materials often contain toxic or strong chemicals, which can cause lasting harm to your toddler. Keep the cleaning products under lock and key when not in use, and check for accidental spills to ensure complete safety for your child.

Fire retardant plywood should be used in kitchen cabinets

Constructing kitchen cabinets out of fire retardant plywood can help prevent outbreak of fire in your kitchen. You can find the right kind of plywood by browsing the catalogues and comparing fire retardant plywood specifications on our website.

Toddlers should be kept away from the oven, even when it is cold

The oven can be extremely dangerous to your toddler. Informing him that it is hot, and should not be touched at any time is an absolute necessity. Also, the oven should be placed on a high surface, so that the toddler cannot reach it.

Appliances should be placed out of the toddler’s reach

If your toddler keeps a refrigerator door open, it may not be much of an issue, provided you find out about it quickly. However, if he reaches the food processor, or the toaster, he will be in danger of sustaining injury. Appliances should be kept on high surfaces, out of reach of the toddler. Also, they should be kept unplugged when not in use and the cords should ideally be moved away from power sockets.

Spices and seasonings should be stored securely when not in use

Spices and seasonings can cause more than sneezes. A toddler who accidentally puts a handful of chilli powder or mustard powder in his (or her) mouth can choke on it. That is why spices should always be kept out of reach of toddlers.

Keeping your toddler safe from the myriad hazards in the kitchen is not an easy task. Ideally, toddlers should not be allowed to enter kitchens in the first place. However, if they do find a way to enter the kitchen unsupervised, the pointers given above should ensure their safety.