How To Choose The Right Plywood For Your New Modular Kitchen

Planning to build a modular kitchen? Well, it will certainly make life a lot easier for you, with essential tools and utensils always at hand. Besides, it will also look very stylish and surely draw envious glances from neighbor’s and visitors. Use plywood as the base material to keep costs affordable, while also getting superior quality components that last for years. The only thing you need to be concerned about right now is choosing the right kind of plywood. Here are some factors you need to focus on, when making that choice:

1.High durability: This one should go without saying. What use is a stylish cabinet that falls apart after just a few months, or a wall rack that comes off within weeks of installing? When selecting plywood, make sure that you only go for heavy duty options. You may also use multiple layers of plywood to build stronger cabinets.

2.Water resistance: Kitchen is a place where moisture levels are almost always quite high. As such, you need to make sure that the plywood you choose can resist water to a great extent. Otherwise, you will have to deal with worn doors and fungus infestation pretty soon. Use marine grade water-proof plywood for cabinet doors and exteriors, which may have to withstand splashes of water, and MR grade plywood for the inside walls, where moisture levels are likely to be quite low.

3.Fire resistance: If you are going to place your oven on a wooden structure, be sure to use fire resistant plywood as the base material. Apart from improving safety standards, this alone can offer you peace of mind. What’s more – fire resistant plywood is often also resistant to water, thus offering you dual benefits.

4.Price of plywood: Let’s face it – Branded plywood are treated with a lot of chemicals and goes through an extended manufacturing process. As such, it is hardly a surprise that it costs a little more than regular plywood. So, be sure to buy only as much as you need. Also, why not shop for plywood online? That way, you may come across some excellent discounts. Check out our store right now for some.

Lastly, be sure to hire a skilled and honest carpenter. There are some carpenters who try to get customers to buy more expensive plywood than what is needed. While this is not a completely bad move, since you will get higher returns in terms of longevity of the components, it is definitely unnecessary. Go with your instincts and the rest should fall into place. Also, be sure to check out other posts in our blog for inspiration.

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