How Fire Retardant Plywood Can Help Make Your Home Safer For Your Family

There are places in your home, such as the kitchen, where fire hazards are quite common. Naturally, you need to take enough precautions to ensure fire doesn’t break out in there. Common fire hazards in your kitchen do not just include gas cylinders and containers of kerosene. Even your wooden kitchen cabinets can be the source of a fire that can wipe out all that you have built in your kitchen. That’s why you need to consider building Kitchen furniture with fire retardant plywood.

What is fire retardant plywood?

Simply put – this is a type of plywood that doesn’t catch fire easily. It is treated with fire retardant chemicals at the time of manufacture, which ensures it does not let fire spread quickly across its surface. As such, this kind of plywood is safe for use in areas of your home where fire outbreaks are more likely to happen.

When is plywood labeled as fire retardant?

In India, fire safety guidelines state that the rate of burning of the plywood should be more than 20 minutes, for it to be labeled as fire retardant. Also, the time that flames need to penetrate the top layer of the plywood and start eating through the core should be more than 30 minutes. Apart from this, there are also some generic fire retardant plywood specifications that are taken into account before allowing a brand to put the fire retardant logo on their plywood.

Where can you use fire retardant plywood in your home?

First off, building kitchen cabinets out of this type of plywood is a very good idea. These cabinets are often installed in close proximity to the oven, and as such, are at the greatest risk of turning into fire hazard. Apart from this, you can use the plywood in building anything wooden, from tables and shelves to doors and windows.

At Greenply, we take fire safety very seriously, and have prepared multiple types of fire retardant plywood for use in your home. Browse our catalogue today to find out which ones best suit your home decor and budget.

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