How Decorative Veneers And High Quality Plywood Can Help You Enhance Home Decor

Looking for ways to enhance your home decor, without going overboard with the expenses? Consider creating something with plywood. The objects you create will look beautiful and will not cost you an arm or leg over material costs either. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1.Floating shelves: Have you considered adding some floating shelves to your rooms? These shelves do not show any brackets or fixtures around them, since the nails and other components holding the shelves against the walls are carefully hidden below the base. This lends the shelves a sophisticated look. The shelves can breathe new life into your home decor and what’s more – they don’t cost much to make, either. Just make sure you hire a skilled carpenter, for best results.

2.Built-in furniture extensions: Why not extend the space your furniture provides, using extensions made of plywood? Put a small table next to your bed to keep the alarm clock, phone and other necessities at hand, or add an extra shelf to maximize utilization of available space in an almirah. The add ons will look stylish and last for a long time to come, as long as you build them out of good quality plywood. Be sure to discuss the extensions with your carpenter before starting the work.

3.Modern artwork: Who says you have to create art with canvas only? Use decorative veneers in various colours and shades to create stunning artworks that attract the attention of visitors instantly. Put multiple layers of veneers in different shapes on top of one another to create abstract artworks, or cut veneer sheets in specific shapes to create wooden figures. Once you are done, you can put the artworks or figures inside custom made plywood boxes with glass lids, so that they look even more stylish and stay protected from physical damage. If you buy decorative veneers online, you might also get discounts on the prices. Check out our collections for some high quality yet economical options.

4.Furniture: Who says you cannot build sturdy furniture with plywood? Unless you go for the cheapest varieties of plywood available, you can build tables, chairs, cabinets and a whole lot more with plywood and have them last for ages to come. Just be sure to take care of them properly.

So, go ahead, give your home a classy makeover with high quality plywood and decorative veneers. The components you build with these will not only look stylish, but also last for a really long time to come.

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