Greenply Can Present You With The Right Plywood For Interior And Exterior Construction

Are you trying to choose plywood for home construction? Make sure you choose the right kind of plywood for the right jobs, then. Different types of plywood are good for different kinds of jobs. For instance, you should not use exterior-grade plywood for indoor construction, since the additional expenditure is simply unnecessary. On the other hand, if you use interior-grade plywood for constructing structures that will remain outside and get exposed to elements frequently, the life of the structures will be significantly reduced. Here’s where Greenply stands out of the crowd of plywood manufacturers. Many of our plywoods can be used in both exterior and interior construction jobs. Here are 3 such products from our extensive range:

Green Club plywood

With a 300% lifetime warranty and excellent resistance to boiling water, Green Club is an excellent choice plywood for both exterior and interior construction jobs. Besides, the price tag isn’t too high either, considering the plywood will last for many years to come.

Green Club Plus plywood

An upgraded version of the Green Club, this variety is treated with chemicals to make it fire retardant. So, if you are planning to make a kitchen table or cabinet, this plywood makes for a safe option. Made of gurjan wood, this eco-friendly plywood also comes with a 300% lifetime warranty and is good for all exterior and interior construction work.

Green Defender

Made by combining several layers of hardwood veneer coated with a special type of phenolic resin and a fire retardant liquid, this durable fire retardant plywood is good for all exterior and interior construction jobs. The adhesive used in holding the veneer layers together is BWR grade, which means it can withstand boiling water, as well as prolonged contact with moisture.

Be sure to check out the Greenply Ecotec collection of tough plywoods, which are excellent for interior construction. Also, remember that many of our plywoods are good for use in both exterior and interior construction. Simply browse through our collection and pick up the ones that fit your requirements and your budget.

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