Easy Decorating Tips for Kid’s Rooms

Decorating your kid’s room is fun. With a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can turn it into a wonderland of their dreams. Want to know more? Over here we’ve jotted some easy and fun ways to decorate your kid’s room:

1. Experiment with colors

Painting your kid’s room with vibrant hues is a great idea. Choose colors that reflect the personality of your kid. If he/she’s quiet and shy then go for subtle shades such as lavender, blue, peach or baby pink. But if your kids can’t keep still for a minute and are excessively chatty then vibrant hues such as yellow or shades of red will be the ideal ones. Colors can transform the look of your kid’s space. So, choose them carefully.

2. Warm up the Space

Create a warm space for your child with the right mix of furniture and light. Keep bean bags or a soft couch near the book shelf that’s stacked with their favorite books. Create a cozy reading corner by adding a bright lampshade. When it comes to furniture, make sure that they are made of quality material. You can check out green Club or Green Marine Plywood for wardrobes, cabinets, bed, book shelves and couch. These are water resistant, have a defect-free surface and are termite-proof. To check out our products visit Greenply Plywood

3. Add patterns or wallpapers

Decorate the walls with cool graphic designs and wall stickers. Let your imagination run wild. Use stencils to create colorful wall patterns. You can also put wallpapers to decorate the walls with a theme your child likes. Check out the wallcovers from Greenteriors.

4. Create a Personal Art Corner

Is your child a budding Picasso? Or he/she is good at craft-work? If yes, display their creations at a separate corner of the room. Frame paintings and hang them. Display each piece of pottery created by them on colorful shelves.

5. Adequate Storage space

Install open shelves of varying patterns. These can be used for keeping books or displaying their favorite piece of toy. Also, install built-in cabinets for an easy storage solution. You can use our Green Marine Grade plywood or GRL Marine Grade plywood for better results.

With these simple tips, you can easily add fun to your little one’s personal space.

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