Don’t Fumigate Your Home Against Termites, Prevent Their Entry Instead… Here’s Why!

Wooden furniture bring a lot of natural warmth to any home, and also look great for ages to come. Unfortunately, they also attract termites. Even if you take good care of your furniture – once you hear that familiar scraping noise, it means all that effort is moot.

You have two solutions – to replace the furniture, or to fumigate them to kill the termites. The second one isn’t too safe either, if you consider a recent CNN news item, where it was shown how a 10-year old had to be hospitalised and lost most of his motor skills after suffering from poisoning caused by fumigation.

Naturally, it makes sense to prevent rather than cure termite infestation

Fortunately, preventing termite infestation at your home is not too difficult. There are plenty of guides available online, on topics like why you should use termite proof plywood going through those will give you quite a few ideas on how to keep these insects away from your family. However, the following tips should help you as well.

Termite proof plywood isn’t hard to come by. You can find excellent quality termite resistant plywood in our online store. Using it to build furniture will give you your first line of defence against the pesky insects. What’s more – if you go for Green Defender, it is also resistant to fire and moisture, ensuring your furniture lasts for years to come, and keeps you and your family safe from accidents too.

Another point to keep in mind is that more often than not, termite infestation occurs through the ground. So, if you are going to leave furniture outside, make sure it does not come in direct contact with the earth. Place it on a concrete or tiled surface to protect it from infestations.

So, don’t fumigate your home to drive termites away. Instead, make sure they cannot make your home a nest in the first place. Shop for Green Defender from our online store to build indoor furniture.