7 Helpful Pointers To Choose The Best Plywood For Your Home

Want to divide a room in two, in order to utilize the space better? Want to replace the old, worn bathroom door with a new one? Plywood can work wonders for all those types of construction. However, selecting the best plywood for home construction work is no easy task, especially since there are so many varieties available out there. Here are 7 helpful tips that can help you choose the right plywood faster, with less of a hassle:

Take the location of construction into account

Will you build a bathroom door? Then you need to go for water resistant plywood. Want a new kitchen table? Make sure the plywood you choose is resistant to both fire and moisture. Planning to build a wooden roof for an outhouse? You simply cannot go wrong with heavy duty water resistant exterior grade plywood. Bottom line – determine the location of construction before you go shopping. Otherwise, the results can be disastrous.

Decide whether you need the best look or the best utility

There are some hardy variants of plywood that do not look as good as their weaker counterparts, but last way longer than the latter. If you are focusing on durability, then you can go for the former variants and set aside some of your budget for painting or staining them before use.

Select plywood of the right grade

Always use heavy duty plywood for construction works that will need to withstand a lot of punishment, such as a kitchen table, panels on a shower stall door, etc. However, for objects that will not face heavy usage, such as a partition in a room, or the insides of a cabinet, you can use affordable range of plywood to save money, and still get results that last for a long time.

Go for hardwood plywood’s

When buying plywood, be sure to look for labels that say 100% hardwood product. This indicates that the wood used in the ply came from deciduous trees, which lasts for ages if properly cared for. Consider our Ecotec plywood, for instance, which is made of Gurjan wood and lasts for ages. This can help you save money in the long run, although the initial costs will likely be a bit higher than softwood ply.

Look for ISI mark

Locally manufactured plywood that you buy from lumber yards may not be of proper quality to ensure longevity of constructed objects. To ensure that the plywood you are investing in is good enough in quality, look for branded ones that carry the ISI mark.

Go for low-emission plywood

It is always good to go for eco-friendly plywood, as it helps you do your part in preserving the nature, while also getting high quality products. Look for low-emission variants for the best results.

Look for non-stained plywood

Stained plywood can have imperfections in the grain hidden under the stains. For best results, buy unstained plywood and have it stained before construction. This will also help you get the perfect stain to match the rest of your home decor.

Keep these 7 pointers in mind and you should have no problem in selecting the right kind of plywood for home construction jobs. Also, be sure to try plywood from Greenply. You will likely find it is the best option you have come across.