How to Add a Modern Look to Your Dining Space?

Hosting a dinner party? Friends coming over? Cannot think of a way to give your dining space a modern makeover? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
1. Add Character with Plywood
Tables and chairs made of plywood, plywood cutting board, wooden hanging wreaths – all add a rustic charm to your dining space and make it more inviting.
Also, a long plywood farmhouse-style table can make your dining space look more inviting. Use slender wooden chairs to avoid the space from looking cluttered. To check the best quality plywood for your dining space, check our premium-quality plywood products
2. The Farmhouse style
Paint the plywood cabinet in a neutral or pastel shade.  A cabinet in muted tones bring a balance to your decor (and also adds tons of storage space). Focus on the details.
3. Add a quirky touch to minimal decor
If you are a fan of monotone or an all-white-dining space, then adding random colour pops can make the space look more interesting. Use accent colours to soften up the dining space.
If you are wondering how, then let us guide you – add colourful cushion covers or bring cushioned chairs that have sophisticated patterns. Hanging a piece of artwork in a vibrant shade on the wall helps add stylish and elegant elements to your dining space.
4. Add drama to the walls
Wallpapers have been stealing the show for ages. And nothing can match the elegance of a floor to ceiling graphic wallpaper with interesting patterns. You can further embellish the space with lush curtains and add a crystal chandelier to give it a feminine touch. Also, worn-wood furniture can add a rough edge and bring a bit of contrast to the modern dining space.
5. Soft Florals
You can never go wrong with florals because they are pretty, elegant, and modern. However, an overdose of florals can turn into a decor-nightmare. It’s always a good decision to stick to a neutral palette. Playing with floral patterns in a subtle way helps in accentuating the space. This will make your dining space look less tired. For instance, if you have a monotone dining space, keep floral pattern cushioned chairs in muted shades. Also, a similar floral curtain will look graceful.
6. Shine with lines
Striped patterns look bold and elegant. To master the art of incorporating stripes, you can paint one wall in stripes. To make it look modern, add just a bit of metallic paint. This adds shine to it; especially when the room is dark. Create a perfect balance by keeping the furniture minimal.
Use Plywood to brighten up your dining space
Plywood is elegant; it is naturally beautiful. And that’s the reason why most home décor connoisseurs prefer plywood for their home decor.
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