9 Summer Tips for Home Decor

Bright and lively summer days are perfect for giving your interior decor a facelift.  Here we discuss 9 summer tips that will make your home a calm sanctuary. Read on !

1. Wall paint
For summers, wall paints with bright and cool tones work the best as they highlight the spirit of the season. Shades such as aqua, teal, cream, and can add a sense of calmness to your rooms. Choose one or experiment with multiple shades to recreate the new look in your rooms. Modern paint effects also work well.

2. Floral prints
Floral prints reflect the joy of bright and warm summer days. They can be used just about everywhere, including pillows, bed sheets, and curtains. If you have bright wall paints, then floral prints add a cottage-like element to your interior decor.

3. Indoor plants
Indoor plants add a sanctuary-like intrigue to your rooms. Summers are the perfect time to visit your local garden centre to pick some cool indoor plants. Houseplants look the most beautiful when placed at coffee tables and bare corners.

You can embellish your shelves with hanging plants.

4. Ceramics
Ceramic pots and vases are great accessories which enhance the overall summer styling of your rooms. Ceramic pots and vases are available in interesting patterns and designs. Choose the ones that match with the cushions or curtains.

5. Textures
Textures are the hot topic in the interior design realm. Linen and burlap work best for summer months to add a cottage-like feel. You can embellish your rooms further by using these fabrics in areas such as headboards. Tiles with interesting designs are a good option as well.

6. Indoor water fountain
An indoor water fountain is a great showpiece to add a spa-like appeal to your living room. You can place the water fountain either on the floor/bare corners or on table tops. Make sure you place a small rug underneath the fountain in case you plan to place it on the floor; this helps in adding more sophistication.

7. Colourful curtains
Have pretty curtains stowed away in your cupboard? Take them out and use them for the summer days. Bright coloured curtains add more liveliness to your rooms. A mix and match between the curtain and cushion colours play well.

8. Mirrors
Summer is no fun without all-things bright and trendy. Mirrors, especially metal-framed ones, create a refreshing look in your bedroom and bathroom. You can even use nautical-style mirrors to ‘reflect’ the season.

9. Furniture
Your interior makeover for summer is not complete without new furniture to go with. Wooden furniture with sleek design brings out life in your rooms.

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