8 Tips to Organize Your Work Space and Stay Productive

A cluttered work space can hamper your efficiency. According to a survey by retailer OfficeMax (http://multivu.prnewswire.com/mnr/officemax/46659/docs/46659-NewsWorthy_Analysis.pdf) of over 1,000 adults finds that 90% of Americans believe clutter hampers their lives and work. 77% said that clutter negatively affects their productivity.

Do you also believe clutter is holding you back? If yes, it’s the right time to bring the words “organize” and “de-clutter” back in your life! Organizing work space, contrary to popular belief, isn’t taxing. With these simple tips, you can organize and transform your work space without breaking a sweat.

1. De-clutter your work space

Remove things that you don’t need regularly from your desk; store them in a separate place. Focus on organizing one thing at a time.

2. Divide and Rule

Organize your work space by dividing it into two zones: One for your computer and other equipment, other for the documents. Keep the chords, printer and charger in one section. Move the documents, envelopes, papers, stamps, stapler to the other part.

3. Keep the office supplies in cabinets

Install cabinets and store papers clips, files, folders and other office supplies in the cabinets. You can even keep your personal belongings such as phone, charger, wallet, sunglasses in the cabinet. For cabinets and shelves, our products such as Green Club Plus, Green Gold, and Green Gold Prima will be ideal. Check out our products and choose the plywood that suits your needs the most.

4. Use labels

Attach labels to drawers, cabinets, shelves and baskets. It’ll save you time when you’re searching for a particular item.

5. Organize old files and documents

Want to store the documents of previous projects for future reference? Then organize them in a separate file with proper labeling.

6. File regularly

Regularly file the documents. This avoids pile ups on your desk. Do this once a week to keep your work space tidy and clutter-fr

7. Minimize Paper Use

Keep scanned copies of documents. Minimizing the number of hard copies will keep your work space clean.

8. Keep a pen holder

Are you always losing pens? Is your desk always cluttered with all kinds of pens, pencils and markers? This is where a pen holder c handy.

A cluttered and messy work space distracts you and affects your productivity. With these simple tips, you can easily turn your messy work space into a productive one.

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