5 Ways For You To Water Proof Outdoor Furniture And Make It Last Long

Outdoor wooden furniture is often exposed to moisture for extended periods of time, which can take its toll on the material. Even tough wood can warp, crack or even disintegrate gradually, from continuous exposure to moisture and UV rays. However, with the right kind of protection, it is possible to extend the lifespan of such furniture. Here are a few tips to help you with that:

1.  Choose marine plywood as the base material. It has incredible resistance against moisture, which is why it is used for manufacturing boats. Go through water resistant plywood specifications of all available options you come across, to make sure you only go for BWP (boiling water proof) varieties. Coat it several times with waterproof paint and it should last for quite a few years, even in humid regions.

2.  If you repurpose indoor furniture made of boiling water resistant (BWR) plywood, then you need to protect them from rain. Ether bring them inside every time there’s a drizzle, or put them under a canopy. Oh, and do not forget to encapsulate (yes, we mean it, coat even the bottoms of the legs) them in waterproof paint to prevent damage from moisture. Apply several coats (5-6 would be ideal) to make the furniture last long.

3.  Put the furniture on tiled or concrete surfaces, to prevent direct contact with the moist earth. Direct contact of furniture with soil is open invitation to termites, irrespective of the quality of wood used to build it.

4.  When applying multiple layers of paint on the furniture, apply a layer of glossy paint and top it off with a layer of matte finish. This will make it look good, offer protection from moisture, and also help in deflecting UV rays of the sun.

5.  Keep the furniture dry as much as possible. A quick rub with a soft, dry cloth following a downpour can go a long way in extending lifespan of the furniture.

Follow these 5 tips and read other benefits of water resistance plywood for your furniture and your furniture should last for quite a few years, when used outside, on the porch or in the garden.

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