5 Reasons To Choose Water Resistant Plywood For Kitchen Cabinets (Plus 3 Ways To Take Care Of them)

Good quality boiling water resistant (BWR) grade plywood is a good option for kitchen cabinets and tables, as long as you coat them with waterproof paint and keep them dry as much as possible.

Benefits of water resistant plywood

Apart from the obvious resistance against moisture, Water resistant plywood also offers several other benefits that make it more suitable for use in kitchen than many other varieties of plywood. These include:

1. BWR grade plywood can resist frequent splashes of water, which is quite common in the kitchen.
2. It is resistant to termites, which can be useful if you have faced termite infestation in your home in the past.
3. It sports a uniform surface and looks good and takes finishes quite well. As such, you can apply paints and finishes to it to match the decor of your kitchen.
4. Being dimensionally stable, BWR grade plywood retains its shape and structure for years to come, ensuring long life for kitchen cabinets.
5. Being uniformly thick, the plywood makes it possible to build cabinets with exact dimensions.

How to use cabinets made of BWR grade plywood for maximum lifespan?

Proper usage will extend the lifespan of cabinets made of BWR grade plywood. A few tips to keep in mind include:

1. Reduce moisture accumulation on the surface as much as possible. After cooking and cleaning up, be sure to wipe the outer surface with a soft, dry cloth.
2. Dry utensils on a wire rack before putting them inside the cabinet.
3. If you are going to use decorative veneers, be sure to use a synthetic resin adhesive to apply them to the plywood. Also, sand the top surface thoroughly before applying adhesive, to remove the smooth coating on the outer layer of the plywood. Otherwise, the latter could interfere with the adhesive.

Use BWR grade plywood in your kitchen cabinets to make them last for years to come. Also, be sure to check out our website for the best waterproof plywood prices, before you make a purchase decision.