5 Lessons In Efficient Food Storage That You Can Learn From Khloe Kardashian’s Kitchen

Khloe Kardashian’s kitchen can probably make any homeowner turn green with envy. Recently, she allowed the world to take a peek in there, and marvel at the streamlined way the items are stored within. Can any of the lessons learned from her kitchen cum pantry be used in your kitchen to solve problems with storage space? We say, why not?

Keeping items organised categorically ensures efficient cooking

Breakfast items, whole grains, spices, and even snack foods – everything can be kept in separate zones within the kitchen for quick access whenever necessary. Kitchen cabinets made of flame proof plywood with separate chambers for different types of supplies can work great. Zoning can cut down food preparation time to a large extent, since you always know where the spices and grocery are.

Keeping items visible lets you know when to stock up on them

Storing groceries in transparent containers makes it easy to check when they need to be restocked, with a glance. Besides, keeping frequently used items on the front shelves can further speed up food preparation. If overhead shelves are used to maximise utilisation of available space, then a stool can be kept around to access them quickly.

Stackable bins and baskets can be used to store goodies

Sets of identical looking bins can be used to store snack food. What’s more – every child in the household can be given his (or her) own basket in the kitchen, kept away from the oven and other hazardous appliances.

Labeling jars and bins can help keep track of different items

When there are a number of different items stored in identical jars, it can be difficult to quickly spot which is which. Labeling the jars with large lettering can help prevent this problem. Also, items of different types may be labeled in different colours according to category.

Cleaning the pantry regularly is a good idea

Just like the closet, the pantry needs to be cleaned up at regular intervals. Items that are past their best before dates should be thrown away, and the ones with best before dates right around the corner can be moved to the front of the shelves, so that they are used earlier.

Arranging a kitchen in the style of Khloe Kardashian is not too difficult, when you focus on the design scheme instead of the materials. The key is to focus on retaining the efficiency. Also, using fireproof plywood panels in the cabinets can help prevent fires from breaking out in your kitchen. Check out our product catalogues for plenty of options of the type.