5 Good Reasons Why You Should Use Fire Retardant Plywood In Your Kitchen Cabinets

Planning to build new kitchen cabinets to replace the old, worn out ones? Then, you should consider using fire retardant plywood for the purpose. Kitchen is the place where the maximum number of fire hazards exist. Naturally, fire retardant plywood can be your first line of defence against such fires. Not good enough? Need more reasons to use the ply in your kitchen? How about 5?

1. Fire retardant plywood is long lasting. The ply is treated with several chemicals, which not only increase its fire resistance, but also protects it from heat, which is quite common in a kitchen. Naturally, the plywood lasts longer than many other ordinary variants of plywood.

2. The glue used in holding the sheets of plywood together in fire resistant plywood is waterproof. As such, it also offers some amount of water resistance to the plywood and protects cabinets made with it from high levels of moisture, which is quite common in kitchens.

3. Fire retardant plywood is made of hardwood plywood, which contain a lot more grains than other, softer varieties of plywood. Hence the ply also looks good, ensuring your cabinets attract the attention of visitors.

4. In the unfortunate incident where a fire breaks out in your kitchen, fire can only penetrate plywood after about 20-30 minutes. This gives you plenty of time to at least try to put it out.

5. Fire does not spread uniformly on the surface due to the chemical treatment of the ply, ensuring it takes a really long time to spread, offering you time to call the fire services and get out of your home.

So, there you go – 5 reasons to build your kitchen cabinets with fire retardant plywood. Be sure to browse our catalogue before you shop for ply, so that you can always get the best results, as well as maximum possible returns over fire retardant plywood prices.

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