5 Characteristics of a Creative Person’s Home

Creative people are curious, imaginative and are always brimming with ideas. They can turn ordinary into extraordinary. They love to surround themselves with creativity and art which is why a creative person’s home décor is unique and eclectic.

Here’re 5 ways how artistic people make their homes an extension of their creative minds.

1. Books. Books and More Books!

Creative people have a curious mind and books are the best way to quench their curiosity. They see books as their gateway to knowledge and ideas. Reading opens their mind and helps them to explore the unexplored. This excerpt from Financial Times might interest you. Someone like Norman Foster, the famed British architect whose home reflects his own character & personality. “When he was living in his penthouse by Battersea Bridge, his sitting room was an empty space the size of Stamford Bridge stadium, but along the long, long window was a table that might have stretched the length of the Great Wall of China; and at the other end was a collection of hundreds of books immaculately placed around a giant but simple wooden corner shelf”.

Source: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/c083e4dc-001a-11e3-9c40-00144feab7de.html

2.They Display their Personal Interests

Creative people fill their abode with things that tell a story. Every item on display has a story. Every element has its own unique character that matches with the owner’s persona. For instance, award-winning designer Lucy Downes, is drawn to botanical modernism. In an interview with Irish times she said “I am crazy about indoor plants and with the architect Tom de Paor I have created an indoor room at home with an earthen floor and granite steps to house them. I am always drawn to botanical structures and simple understated shapes.”

3. Creative corner is a must

These corners are the places where they nurture their creative process. Many say that the famous author of the book Eat, Pray and Love, Elizabeth Gilbert has a library in her attic which is her creative corner and which she calls her “Sky-brary.”

Source: http://www.copyblogger.com/how-elizabeth-gilbert-writes/

4. Custom-made is the word

From bookshelves, cabinets, to bathrooms – everything is styled in a way that reflects their creative persona. All items are often created using simple things, with a unique touch.

5. They hate Boring

Creative people do not go by the rules- they follow their guts. This reflects in their home décor. For instance, you might find a graphic design with watercolors on the walls or a multi-colored rug used in place of a traditional curtain.

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