5 Celebrities’ Home Decor That You May Be Able to Recreate

Ever wanted to decorate your home like your favorite celebrity, but thought that you might not be able to afford it? Well, that may not be the case anymore. While you may not be able to find or afford the exact components that your favorite celeb has used (think genuine teak wood furniture, photo frames imported from the other side of the globe, and so on), it is still possible to create the look at a fraction of the cost. Here are some celebs famous for their home decor:

Big B

Mr. Bachchan is known to have excellent taste in home decor, with a whole wall dedicated to showcasing Bachchan genealogy, and a massive bookshelf right beside it. Thankfully, you may be able to imitate this look to a great extent without breaking the bank. Get decorative veneers for the photo frames and heavy duty plywood for the bookshelf. Also, be sure to hire a skilled carpenter.

For the Perfectionista in you AKA Perfectionist Khan

Phunsukh Wangdu from 3 Idiots is well known for his affinity towards ethnic Indian style furniture. Lots of wooden cabinets, tables and chairs in warm earth colours are the signature of the decor. Of course, you can create a similar effect quite inexpensively using MR grade plywood and decorative veneers. Check out some photos of his house and ask your carpenter how the same can be created for your home.

King Khan Style

King Khan has a home fit for the kings, for sure. From elegant furniture and gorgeous lighting fixtures to stylish ashtrays and knick knacks – wood plays a signature role in the decor. Buy high quality Green Club range of plywood that will ensure elegance with durability, and you may be able to recreate this look, at least to some extent, without going overboard with the expenses.

Bhaijaan Style

Sallu Bhai’s home looks more like a suite, with modern style interior decor featuring a glossy finish. If you want to emulate his decor, build a coffee table with heavy plywood and classy photo frames for modern artworks with decorative veneers. Throw in some cushions and rugs to complete the look.

For the fashionista in you

Fusion of different styles is at the core of this star’s home decor. if you want to emulate the look of her home in yours, build a classy, vintage style chair and add a modern style coffee table. Complete the look with metal lamp shades and wooden photo frames made of decorative veneers.

So, are you ready to make your home look like that of your favorite celeb? Then you should start by browsing our catalogues for the perfect veneers and plywood’s that can serve the purpose of base materials for all the components. Who knows, you might receive some excellent discounts as well, which would help you manage your budget better, while still getting to live in a home of your dreams.

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