3 Beautiful Ways To Decorate Your Kid’s Room With Plywood

Looking for ideas to decorate your kid’s room? Well, how about doing something with plywood? You can do a lot with just a few panels of plywood, a few ideas and, well, a lot of patience. Of course, once you have made the plan, you can hire an experienced carpenter to speed up the construction process to a great extent. Here are 3 beautiful ideas to get you started:

Fancy-looking furniture

You can create a whole range of cute looking furniture that can serve multiple purposes, using plywood that are flexible and durable. Here are some of the options at your disposal:

1.A floating shelf in an interesting shape, which can double up as a reading desk as your kid grows up a bit.
2.A chair in the shape of an animal, for your kid to sit on and read.
3.A custom book rack to hold all of your kid’s books, crayons, and even toys. Place it close to the shelf-desk to complete the setup.

Be sure to paint all these custom built furniture in bright colours and voila! You have a kid’s room that will certainly draw envious glances from neighbors, and even your relatives.


How about building a playhouse for your kid? Make one large enough, so that your child can sit inside it and play for quite a few years. As for the structure, well, aside from four walls, you need to build a door on one side, at least a window (this can be in an interesting shape) and of course, a roof. Be sure you choose environment-friendly plywood for building the playhouse. Our Flexiply range of plywood has quite a few options that you can check out. Once you are done building it, consider putting in small-sized furniture for your child’s dolls. Once everything is done, get it painted in vibrant colours. Be sure to use child-safe, non-toxic paint. This playhouse might soon become the reason why your child’s new friends want to show up at your home. Also, don’t be surprised if neighbors seem extra nice to you, and drop by with their children frequently for evening chats over tea.

Wall art

Clouds floating over a quaint village. Animals frolicking in the forest. Stars and planets against a midnight blue background. You can use our decorative veneers to create artworks like these, plus a whole lot more. Browse our collections of veneers and take your pick according to what you want to create. You can either use photo frames to keep your artwork, or you can use one of the walls as the base for your art. What’s best about this type of artwork is that you do not need to do a perfect job. Your child will love whatever you create for him/her, as long as you choose veneers in bright, eye-catching colours.

So, what’s your opinion on these ideas? Do you think these will look good in your child’s room? Or do you have some ideas of your own, which you can’t wait to try out? Whichever be the case, be sure to browse our website for the right plywood for any of your in-home construction jobs.

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