18 Things to Get Your Whole Home Organized in 2018

Organising your home is a big task and that’s why we are here with 18 useful tips to help you. Read on:

For Organising the Living Room

The living room is where everyone gathers and it’s where most of the activities take place. So, you will need these things to keep it organised:

1. Plywood shelves
You will need them for keeping your books, magazines, and papers that usually pile up on the floor and other areas.

2. A Plywood coffee table
Apart from adding a style statement, a plywood coffee table can also be the storage space for magazines. You can also keep a showpiece on display.

3. A drawer for small items
It’s annoying when you misplace your car keys every day. A smart way to overcome this is to install drawers to keep small items such as car keys, pins, and torch.

For a neat Bedroom

Your bedroom is where your day starts and ends. Keep it organised with these things:

4. Plywood wardrobe
For neatly organising your clothes designate specific spaces for dresses, kurtas, shirts, and trousers.

5. Makeup organiser
Apart from organising your makeup, you can use it to display your perfume collection.

6. Bookshelves
Use the walls in your bedroom for displaying your love for books. Open shelves are a quick fix for stacking all your books. Also, you can use wall cubbies for displaying your collectables.

7. Keep a wooden vintage trunk
It’s not only great for stashing all extra things, but also adds a rustic charm to your bedroom.

For an Organized Kitchen
Kitchen is the most used area in your home. Keep it organized with these tips:

8. Cabinets
Cabinets keep your dishes, glassware, and any other items that you use regularly organized.

9. Label containers
This ensures that containers of spices and other ingredients are not scattered all over the cabinet. Also, labelling the containers as ‘sugar’and ‘salt’ helps you avoid the pain of identifying them while cooking.

10. Use drawer dividers
Drawers are essential for keeping the miscellaneous items organised. Drawer dividers help you assign space for small items such as knives, spoon, and forks

11. Railings
Use railings to hang pots, pans, and other items that you use regularly.

Organising the Bathroom
Make the most out of your bathroom with these tips:

12. Cabinet for storage
A cabinet is great for storing shampoos, soaps, and other toiletries. It keeps the countertops clear and organised. Also, this space can be used for storing hair dryers, combs, sprays, and gels that you use regularly.

13. Towel bars
Towel bars help you keep your bath towels arranged.

14. Cubbyholes
Cubbyhole shelves are great for storing accessories and toiletries. And these look stylish too!

15. Sliding trays
Roll out trays are great for storing toiletries and first-aid kit.

16. Baskets/Bins for mass storage
Wondering where to store all the extra supplies? Baskets and bins are the perfect solutions.

17. Keep pump dispenser
This is a good way to eliminate soap scum and helps you keep the sink clean.

18. Floating Shelves
 It’s the easiest way to organise the bathroom and keep everything within reach.

Use Plywood for storage solutions and keep your home decluttered

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