10 Ways to Give Your Shelves Personality

Do you want your shelves to reflect your style and personality? If yes, then this is the right article for you. Read on!

1. Combine magazines and books of different sizes with artwork

Arrange your books either vertically or horizontally. Add a few decorative pieces like flower vase, magic lamps between each stack of books. You can even place postcards and old photos on top of the books.

2. Add colorful back panels to the open book shelves

If the book shelf is painted white, keep the back panels in pink or blue. This will add drama to an otherwise plain shelf.

3. Geometric shapes are cool

Place empty and colorful picture frames of different sizes and shapes to instantly glam up your shelves.

4. Pick a Theme

Organize the items on your shelves according to a theme. Pick a particular color or texture or pattern. For instance, if you have dark shelves, then decorate them with light toned objects. You can put light hued pottery, sculptures to make your shelves stand out.

5. Organize the bathroom shelves

Group similar items together. Keep the towels together. Create separate spaces for arranging soaps and shampoo. If you want, you can group them according to their color. Use waterproof plywood for bathroom shelves. This will protect the shelves from damage caused by water. Check our range of waterproof plywood products.

6. Think flowers

A vase of flowers will add a touch of nature to the shelves. Just choose your flowers carefully; don’t get something that’s a strong smell.

7. Carefully arrange the books

Line the books according to their genre. Label that area accordingly. Use creative labels.

8. Photo collage

Give the packed bookshelves a personalized look. Create a photo collage of your personal moments and keep it on the shelves. This will add a personal warmth to the space.

9. Spice up the kitchen shelves

Combine cookbooks with pots or bottles of spices. Keep the book in one case and the pot on other. You can even combine both.

10. Organize colorful items

Have a beautiful collection of pottery? Why not arrange them on the shelves? Organize them in contrasting colors and shapes for a vibrant look.

With these simple tips you can easily give shelves in your home a creative twist.

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