10 Ways to Refresh Your Living Room

A refreshing makeover to your living room doesn’t have to be hectic or expensive. Here we discuss some easy ways to give your room that much-needed design oomph!

1. Let there be lights!
Switching old lights with new one is a great way to create a refreshing ambience. It also adds more freshness and newness to the overall styling of the room. Experiment with different lamp shades and light styles for your living room.

2. A new paint job maybe?
If there’s something that adds a great impact to the overall styling of your living room, then it’s the wall paint. Choosing warm colours with subtle shades is a great way to add more personality. If you want to add more energetic and refreshing vibe, wall paints with bright tones are the best options.

3. Adding uniqueness with accessories
There’s no rule to design your living room, so why not be extra creative? Have a collection of the things you love? Why not showcase them? Expressing your passion by accessorising your living room is a brilliant way to give it a unique touch.

The accessories can by anything, even your old photographs or your books, music CD collection, coin collection, or even your daughter’s first paintings!

4. Art for a classy touch  
A picture says a thousand words and indeed adds a premium/classy touch to your living room. Adding art pieces is a must if you want to embrace an element of sophistication in your living room.

5. How about a fireplace?
Having a fireplace in the living room is not a feasible option for many. But hey! You can fake it. Have a hearth in your living room? Placing some candles (preferably the aromatic ones) in it creates a similar effect.

6. Fabric on the walls
Up for adding texture and character to your living room? Fabrics that you no longer use such as rugs or scarf can be draped and used as wall art. You can even choose fabrics with beautiful designs to add more intrigue to walls.

7. Matching curtains and cushions
Curtains and cushions help you create the décor you wish for. The best part is they don’t cost much and play a big role in dramatically changing the overall style of a room.  Matching curtains and cushions are the best options if you’re looking for adding a thematic element to your living room. 

8. Rugs for more warmth
Rugs add a warm touch to your living room. It’s a good idea to choose rugs that match the wall paint.

9. Bring in plants
Choosing indoor plants and placing them in your living room is great for having a sanctuary-like vibe.

10. Chic furniture to add that wow factor
A living room with dull furniture is a big turn off.  Select furniture with intriguing designs – to add life to your living room.

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