10 Tips to Free Up Valuable Counter Space in Your Kitchen

Here are 10 ideas that might help you organize your kitchen counter and save time while cooking. Also, using plywood for constructing kitchen cabinets is a good idea, since high-quality plywood will offer excellent durability, fire resistant properties and also will add to the aesthetics of your kitchen for years to come.

  1. Installing vertical cabinets is a good way of utilising available space, especially if you have a small kitchen. A multi-tiered lazy susan can be installed in one of the cabinets to keep spices and condiments like pickles and sauces easy to access at all times, making cleaning hassle-free as well.
  2. Installing a few coat hooks on one of the open shelves will let you hang towels to dry up after cooking, without wasting space to spread them out on the counter.
  3. You can keep cookbooks in one of the cabinets, but ensure they are safe from the oil fumes and moisture from your cooking. A cabinet made of waterproof plywood with glass doors can be an ideal solution for this.
  4. Cabinets made out of fire retardant plywood with organisers built in them can help you keep utensils categorised for faster access during cooking.
  5. Cabinets made of borer-proof plywood with see-through wire racks can help you store grains and pulses safely keeping them out of reach of insects.
  6. A retractable bookstand made of fire retardant plywood can help you take a look at the recipe while cooking a complex dish.
  7. Cutlery slots built in the kitchen cabinets can help you quickly find anything from your trusty spatula to the kitchen knife while you cook up a storm.
  8. Hanging shelves installed on the walls away from the oven will help you store items that you do not need at all times. Using borer proof plywood in the construction will ensure that they last for a long time and this also provides an excellent value for money.
  9. Using see-through baskets stacked on open shelves to store snacks for your kids is probably a good idea. They will be able to grab a quick bite when they are hungry, and less mess will be created in the kitchen as well.
  10. Installing wire hooks over a plywood base to hang pots and pans can create a lot of counter space that can help you access them when needed, with minimum fuss.

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