Careers at Greenply

At Greenply Plywood, continuous learning is of prime importance & is one of the key differentiators that complement personal growth.
Our Performance Management System or EDGE- (Enabling Development & Growth through Excellence) ensures that the organization & all of its sub-systems (processes, departments, teams, employees, etc.) work together in an efficient way, to achieve the desired objectives. Our integrated performance improvement plan provides our people with a learning curve to boost performance & facilitate behaviour modification. Role transitions, either vertical or lateral, are accomplished through potential & performance driven assessments.
Our program- IMPETUS- Green Career Triumph, fosters a work place where qualified employees are encouraged to seek various career opportunities within the organization, gain valuable work experience, enhance their competencies & increase job satisfaction. We enable our employees with appropriate knowledge, skills & behaviour to meet their business objectives with in-house programs like Green Mantra, Green Edge & APEX.
We aim to create a culture of learning throughout, where individuals take responsibility in partnership, for their development. We offer competitive benefits, as well as an industry-leading practice of performance-based encouragements, for all our people.

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