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  • These are wood veneer-based, compressed and densified panels primarily recommended for usage in shuttering. These panels are constructed by aligning several layers of phenolic resin-coated wood-based veneers, each placed at right angles to the other. The high capacity hydraulic press makes the product achieve high mechanical properties in all directions.

  • GREEN ELECTROWOOD is a non-impregnated, compressed wood laminate, manufactured using oil-free Beach Veneers having straight grain orientation and inbuilt mechanical strength with insulating properties. The veneers are impregnated with water repellent thermosetting phenolic resin, followed by drying in a band dryer to achieve the desired level of moisture...

  • It is a uniquely engineered structural composite, inbuilt with maximum tensile strength. The surface of panel is overlaid with a water repellent phenolic film to ensure that the panel is less prone to moisture absorption. Green Lumber board veneers are assembled in a way to provide maximum strength along the length of lumber.

  • This is a wood composite in which several veneers having adequate retention of phenolic resin are positioned in a manner that the panel possesses more strength along the length of the board, this also makes it waterproof. Two metal wire meshes are reinforced in-between the layers, in a balanced construction providing extra strength to the board and...

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items