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  • ₹ 3,493.00
    ₹ 3,493.00

    Greenply MR Grade Plywood is of superior quality & is suitable for all interior applications where durability & economy are both required. It conforms to IS 303 MR, is moisture, termite and borer resistant and is eco-friendly. The product is suitable for dry climate zones. It is ideal for panel inserts in panel doors, partitions, paneling, cabins, false...

  • ₹ 3,440.00
    ₹ 3,440.00

    Greenply MR Grade Blockboard conforms to IS 1659 MR-COM & is moisture resistant and eco-friendly. It has a density of 0.50 gm/cc. It has structural stability & strength along with excellent screw holding capacity that allows the product to be used to make partitions, cupboards, shelves, shutters, load bearing & horizontal panel applications.

  • ₹ 4,014.00
    ₹ 4,014.00

    Greenply Marine Grade Plywood is a premium product that is calibrated through QUADRA PRO technology, making it compact and sturdy. CE certified, eco-friendly and conforms to E1 Standards for Emission. The product is Boiling Water Proof, borer proof. It can withstand climatic variations. Its ideal for application in offices and internal residential...

  • ₹ 3,811.00
    ₹ 3,811.00

    Greenply BWP Blockboard conforms to IS 1659 BWP-COM, is Boiling Water Proof and termite resistant. It is CE certified, eco-friendly and conforms to E1 Standards for Emission. It has a density of 0.55 gm/cc. With high dimensional stability & mechanical strength, Green BWP Block Board makes for a product that is cost effective and highly durable.

  • ₹ 4,258.00
    ₹ 4,258.00

    Green Gold Plywood is an exterior grade plywood with a fully composed core and panel. Calibrated through QUARDA PRO technology. The product is borer proof. This Boiling Water Proof plywood and CE certified conforming to E1 Standards for Emission. Green Gold Plywood has a very high preservative retention and can withstand all weather.

  • ₹ 4,897.00
    ₹ 4,897.00

    Greenply Club Blockboard conforms to IS 1659 & the parameters are higher than as specified. It is CE certified, eco-friendly & conforms to E1 Standards for Emission. It has thicker Gurjan Face, double Gurjan Cross Core & fully PLC seasoned fillers & stiles. It is borer & termite proof. With high dimensional stability & mechanical strength, it makes the...

  • ₹ 5,384.00
    ₹ 5,384.00

    Green club Plywood is a Premium grade Structural plywood confirming to IS:10701. The Tensile Strength values are high. Pure Phenolic Resin are used to make bond strong & it also comes with 300% Lifetime Guarantee. It is emission-free as per E1 standard, CE certified, thicker face veneer and fully preservative treated with organic chemicals. It is termite...

  • ₹ 6,313.00
    ₹ 6,313.00

    Green Club Plus Plywood is a Connoisseur choice for the supreme quality in plywood.  Made of 100% Gurjan wood species & is above all technical qualifications. It qualifies for E1 standard in emission. It comes with a 300% Lifetime Guarantee & has partial fire retardant properties. It is Boiling Water Proof, calibrated through QUADRA PRO technology. The...

  • ₹ 1,466.00
    ₹ 1,466.00

    Green Flexiply is an innovation from the house of Greenply & is a unique component for furniture manufacturers for its superior flexibility & high bending quality. It can be moulded in any shape & is ideal for carving rounded furniture. It is boiling water proof and made of Gurjan species. Adhesive used is BWP Grade as per BIS standard.

  • ₹ 4,357.00
    ₹ 4,357.00

    This product is a combination of several hardwood veneers coated with phenolic resin and fire retardant chemical solution, the adhesive used is of BWP Grade. In this plywood panel, every layer of veneer is saturated with special fire-resisting chemical MAP (Mono-Ammonium Phosphate) of known concentration having adequate retention in veneers as per IS 5509.

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